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In Loving Memory of Malinda Lillian Turvey

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in my heart, and gather to my eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more.


Malinda's obituary and poem
To my dearest, most beautiful daughter Malinda:
I am not ready for this, I am not prepared to say good by
but God has taken you from us. And I am here alone
with a pain that is beyond my ability to endure or understand
and yet I feel you are with us all and so very near. My eyes shed
tears from missing your beautiful smile but in my heart I know
that you are now with the angels in heaven. You have given all of
us memories of kindness and friendship. You have touched us all with
your music, your songs, your visions, and your dreams
but more than all of this you have blessed us with your love.
You are free now and a spirit that moves through us and with us,
but as you gently pass from this world to your new home I want you to know
that there is a place where you are not alone.
It is a place where you will always live in the hearts and minds
of every single one of us who have known you and have loved you.
For the greatest gift you have given all of us was yourself.
Oh, my most beautiful Malinda I will love you until the end of time.
And someday in a place that I am unable to comprehend I will hold you in my arms again and kiss you good night, but there, I will never have to say good by.

Your Dad

I remember the crying
and the nightmares
and the wanting to see you
after everyone had told me
that you went to heaven,
and I remember the coffin,
and the black hearse,
and the stillness on your face.

and I remember holding your hand
while you cried,
when I begged him to wake up
but he wouldn't

and I remember the silence
of that day,
and the long ride to Monroe,
and the black clothing,
and the fresh flowers,
and the playing of taps,
and the tears

and I remember you holding me
while someone spoke softly in the rain
until you couldn't hold me any longer
and had to be held by grandpa
so you wouldn't fall down.

and after that day
I couldn't remember you anymore . . .

until now.

My beautiful Malinda ,
you will be mourned and missed by all
who have known you. Dear God
bless you, and keep you in all of our
hearts throughout eternity.

A Prayer for New Parents

O Lord, give us the wisdom ---
To deal with our children as You would,
To see in each of them Your Holy Image,
To develop in them a Christ-like love of
all men, not only a select few,
To teach them to be go-givers rather
than go-getters.
Oh God, in training these dear ones whom
Thou hast entrusted to our charge, help us ---
To encourage rather than discourage them,
To discipline with kindness not softness,
To guide them intelligently, not blindly,
To coach, not scold; to nudge, not nag.
Dear Lord, above all, help us ---
To use common sense in regard to their future,
To let them go gladly when the time comes,
To let them lead their own lives while following
them with our love,
To pray always that they will be close to Thee,
not only for the few years of this life
but for the endless years of eternity.

James Keller

Born July 6, 1980
Forever Young March 25, 1999

Happy Birthday Malinda
I Love and Miss You Always ... Dad
July 6, 2012

New Memorial Pictures Of Malinda 03/25/05

To view more pictures of my beautiful daughter Malinda please click on her picture.

Malinda's Memorial Picture

Memories of Malinda

More Memories

I am saving this light for the shadows on a day when the darkness will fall
when my eyes have grown numb to the warmth of the sun
and the dark night of death covers all

I am saving your love for this moment
on a day when my memories will fade
when my feelings within will grow strong once again
as a whispering voice calls my name

and the crossing in time will be final
and the tears that I shed will be sweet
and the struggle to hold on forever
will be over and done and complete

yes I'm saving your memories forever
for that glorious moment we meet
when my eyes have grown numb
to the warmth of the sun
as my pale ghost fades into sleep

and I'll see in the light of those shadows
an angel who's come for my soul
and I'll call out your name dear Malinda
as the last light of life lets me go

and there in my arms you will linger
oh beautiful child of mine
united in God's greater kingdom
for all of eternities time.

May God Bless You and Keep You,
With all my love,
Your Dad.
May 15, 1999

Please Support Parent Watch

The beautiful young girl you see in this picture is my daughter Malinda. She was killed in a devastating van crash on March 25, 1999 while traveling with a magazine sales crew. There were a total of 14 kids in the van when it's driver tried to switch seats while speeding down Interstate 90 near Janesville Wisconsin at over 80 mph. The van flipped over twice and killed 7 of the 14 passengers. Five of the other passengers suffered massive physical injuries, but lived. My daughter Malinda died instantly from a massive skull fracture. Since then the driver has been convicted on 7 counts of vehicular homicide and sentenced to 7 years in prison. But the companies that he worked for have continued to operate. The Wisconsin Attorney General's office (James Doyle and staff) has since filed criminal and civil charges against the magazine sales company. Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin has introduced legislation (Bill # S.1989) which if passed will introduce new laws to protect magazine sales crew employee's from the devastating tragedies that for well over two decades have plagued this questionable industry. Many of the people that run these magazine crews are violent, being physically and verbally abusive to their workers. Many of the children have been enticed by false promises of predatory magazine sales crews. With only their own greed in mind the crew chiefs pay little attention to their worker's well-being and safety. The kids are manipulated and lied to from the very beginning. Promised large sums of money, adventure, and a chance to see the world they would sign up, not knowing what harsh realities lie ahead. Many of these children never came home.

Please support Senator Herb Kohl's Bill and Parent Watch by signing the consent form presented here.

Thank you.

Phil Ellenbecker


Don't Cry