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In Loving Memory Of Cory Hanson

Happy Birthday Cory
December 1, 2004

Cory Hanson
Born December 1, 1976
Forever Young March 25, 1999

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To my Son,

Cory, over the years watching you grow up was the greatest joy a parent had. You gave your dad and I a lot of enjoyment and happy memories. You came to us with a lot of love and happyness and you left us with a lot of love and memories. You were a very special person, you were loving, caring, full of energy. Always into something. Some of the things you did with your brother. The fighting, arguing, and just being boys. These are all just memories now. You had a way with sports, you played ball, wrestled, fished, water ski, anything outdoors. You were my roamer. All the long talks we use to have out on the back porch where you told me all your dreams and ambitions. These will only be memories now. You didn't choose the path we wanted for you but we still loved you. You left behind a lot of wonderful memories You have a brother that only wished he could be closer to you in the last few years. But he has a lot of memories too. You gave us one very important thing to remember you by. A wonderful son, that's what we have left and we will treasure that. He is very much like you. He will not have a lot of memories of you, but he will know you and how much you loved him. He will always be taken care of and your memories will always be with him. You left this world way to early. Your life had just begun. So many things to do and see. I'm sorry that I didn't get to say all these things to you or be there to comfort you, but you knew how very much we loved you. Now that you are in heaven with grandpa, look down on us and you will see you will never be forgotten or never stopped being loved. You will always be in our hearts and memories. Some day your dad and I will join you and we will be together again. You had so many people who cared about you, a brother, sister-in-law, three nephews, one niece, grandparents, uncle, aunts. One very special cousin, Justin whom you two were so close like brothers growing up, you made a pact with him that nothing would separate you two but by death. So while you are in God's land before we join together again, remember that you left us all with broken hearts but a lot of happy memories. We all loved you. But this is from me: I love you Cory with all my heart and always will. I only wish I could of been with you to hold and comfort you. I love you my son and you will never be forgotten.

Love you

Growing up was very easy for me, I have a family that loves me very much and two best friends, Ryan Hanson and his younger brother Cory Hanson. They are not only my best friends but my cousins that I think of as brothers. I grew up in Cory's shadow, always trying to be just like him. Cory and I always had fun together, especially when we double teamed his brother Ryan. But when the three of us were together look out because who knows what we were up to. There wasn't a thing that Cory couldn't do. He was one of the most talented and smartest people that I knew. Together he showed me how to make the best out of everything no matter what the circumstances were. Cory loved playing baseball with his brother and going to the lake with his family. Even though Cory was taken from us at a very young age, he left someone behind that will never let his spirit die, that someone is his son Tanner Hanson.

I love you

That horrible night of March 25th
I got the news that would forever haunt me
I was told you were gone never to return
I fled crying in disbelief
You, my cousin who feared nothing could not be gone
You stood by me when I needed you
And comforted me when I was scared
That was all lost in a matter of seconds
It's not fair I remember saying
You were too young and healthy to be gone
I expected someone to tell me it was all a mistake
That never happened
I looked at every face with pleading eyes
No comfort did I find
I wanted to scream and cry
Neither I did
Instead I whispered a few silent words
Cory, I will always love you
And that I meant

Written In Loving Memory Of My Cousin Cory Hanson

Love always,
Rebecca R. Higgs