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In Loving Memory Of Crystal Faith McDaniel

Happy Birthday Crissy
December 15 2004

Crystal at age 19
How she loved animals.

My daughter Crystal was 25 years old. I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it, there were two police officers standing there. They asked if I had a daughter named Crystal. They said there was a terrible accident in Wisconsin that she was involved in. They didn't know how bad she was hurt, but I needed to talk to a Wisconsin detective. I did and it took all day of waiting for them to tell me she was gone. Then it took five days to get her home. It was like losing her twice. But I knew the minute she was home. Crystal was killed with six other innocent young people. Five others were seriously hurt. It shouldn't be this way. A parent shouldn't have to bury a child. Plus two small children lost their mother. Crystal thought she was going to make lots of money and come home and go back to school. All that came home with her was one dollar and fifty cents. All I have left of Crissy besides her children are memories. I pray that no other families have to go through what our family and the other families have had to. We must do what we can to stop this from happening again. God bless the families of these innocent children. They are truly in my prayers. And God bless our children.
Deborah McDaniel
Mother of Crystal Faith McDaniel
12-15-73 to 3-25-99

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Crystal's senior picture
Age 17.

Crystal on vacation in Md.
Age 12.

Prom Night
Crystal with her best friend Bev.

Crystal's 1st grade picture