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The Dedicated Memorial Home Page

Welcome and thanks for being here to share with all of us who have either lost children or have had their children suffer at the hands of the "traveling magazine and cleaner sales crews" throughout this country. This Web Site is Dedicated to their memory and to their pain and suffering. May God Bless them and watch over them throughout eternity.

The beautiful young girl in this picture is my 18 year old daughter Malinda. She died on March 25, 1999 from a massive skull fracture when the van she was in flipped over twice while traveling at 81 mph.The crash near Janesville, Wisconsin left a total of 7 dead and 5 maimed for life.
This Web Site is Dedicated to all of the children and families who have suffered at the hands of "traveling magazine sales crews". The purpose of this site is to honor their memories and to aid in the transmission of recent events, media coverage, and legislation. It is also dedicated to justice and truth with the sincere hope that these virtues will one day overwhelm the illegal and immoral practices that many of the magazine sales crews have engaged in.

~ Phil Ellenbecker ~
This Site will continually be updated and under construction as new events occur and new facts unfold.

To view poetry and other documents dedicated to my daughter Malinda click on Malinda's Page or the Dedicated Poetry page.

Please feel free to look over all of the pictures and information and if the need arises you may contact me at:

Included on this Web Site are important links to such places as Parent Watch, MagCrew, The Wisconsin Department of Justice, The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal and other organizations actively covering these tragic events. I will do my best to keep this information up to date.

If you are a parent of a child who is missing and working for a traveling magazine sales crew or if you are currently working for a traveling magazine sales crew and need help or advice please click on
Parent Watch

If you are looking for information the Traveling Sales Crews Information site was created to be used as a tool by legislators, law enforcement agencies at all levels, attorneys, and the media for purposes of researching and monitoring the door to door sales industry. Information on this site is also intended to be made available to the general public in an effort to warn parents, children and young adults of the many dangers involved when working for many of the door to door sales companies.
Traveling Sales Crews Information Website
Email - Webmaster:

If you are currently working for or have worked for a traveling magazine sales crew in the past and would like to tell your story (good or bad) please click on


For most recent changes and events please click on
Whats New

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This beautiful Cockspur Hawthorn tree was donated by Bryan Bothum with Bothum Tree Planting Service and Dedicated to the children who sufferd and died on the morning of March 25, 1999. It is located between Milton and Janesville Wisconsin at the rest stop on Interstate 90 where the accident occured.


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To view all pictures on this site click here.

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Google is a very powerful search engine and can be used to locate many documents and articles relating to this tragic event. The following is a short list of some of the keywords that will locate this information for you:

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If anyone knows of other keywords that would help please contact me and I will add them to this list.


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