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Dear Malinda

<BGSOUND SRC="http://www.dedicatedmemorial.org/midi/ Nalaetha.mid" LOOP="-1">

I looked in your room but you were gone

The sounds of music no more I heard

The candle light upon your desk
The incense and the ceiling stars

The piano keys silently waiting
for your beautiful fingertips

And all of your bunny rabbits and teddy bears
Silently waiting for your return

Malinda opening bithday presents - age 13

Malinda, cousin Toby (left), cousin Kala (right), and little brother Dustin (front). Malinda's favorite pet - Monald. A beautiful Autumn day at home on Blueridge road. October, 1993.

Dustin and Malinda having a good time as usual at home on Blueridge road.

Christmas on Blueridge road. December 1993.

Malinda and Dustin caught red handed - snacking before supper.

Malinda with her big brother Shawn eating her favorite meal steak - and being a ham.

Christmas morning right after the woodburner got stoked up.

Malinda as the scarecrow in Verona middle school "The Wizzard of OZ" production.

Malinda trying to remember her lines.

Click on Malinda's 1st grade picture
To view more memories of my daughter.