Malinda Born July 6, 1980, Forever Young March 25, 1999

For my 18th Birthday I told my dad I wanted a bright red Corvette Convertible Stingray. I dreamed of driving my red Corvette to the beaches of Florida where I could soak in the warm sun and swim in the ocean. I had this dream for many years and as dreams go it was one of my favorites. But then one day I found this ad in a local newspaper and decided to check it out. My dreams are gone now. I will never again dream a dream in this world. My time has been stolen away from me but it has also been stolen away from my friends and family. I will never get to drive that red Corvette or swim in the ocean because two days after I answered this ad I was killed along with six other kids that also answered an ad in the newspaper. Now my friends and family come and visit me at my grave. I wanted you to know this because I know that they miss me very much and I never wanted to hurt them. I also wanted you to know this because more kids are dying and more people are suffering because of ads just like this one.

YES is in town and needs 18-
25 sharp & enthusiastic guys
& gals. If you are money
motivated and tired of fast food or minimum wage, we
offer 2 week paid training. All
expenses paid. no experience
necessary. If you are out-
going and can start immedi-
ately. Please call 608-241-
4171 ask for Mr. Holmes
(Mon. thru Wed.)

Janesville, Wisconsin Van Crash March 25, 1999

Dedicated Memorial

Traveling Sales Crews Info Site

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