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In Loving Memory Of Peter Christman

Happy Birthday Peter
September 15, 2004


Peter Christman
Born September 15, 1980
Forever Young March 26, 1999

I share the pictures of a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend with you. For they are all that remain as newer pictures can never be made. He never again will pose for another one of those "silly pictures". The worst tragedy a parent can face is to lose a child during their lifetime. It is as if a part of them is missing and gone forever. No pain in life even comes close. Our children are supposed to be our futures not our past. I will never forgot the experience of being with my son at the time of his death. Those memories haunt me on a daily basis. I also ask myself why no one from this industry even acknowledged his death. Was an "I am sorry for your loss" too much to ask? How could they not realize he was very much loved? Shouldn't his personal belongings have been returned to his family? Why were they not? Whatever happened to safety in the workplace no matter where the workplace is? I hope, all the families hope, that you join with us in remembering our children and help us in preventing this tragedy from ever happening to another family again.

Pam Christman
March 31, 2001

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