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Memorials Dedicated To Our Beautiful Children

The eternal flame of life cannot be smothered by my loss. I have held you in my arms as a child, your tears are my tears, your pain is my pain, my heart is with you now.

This page is dedicated to the seven beautiful children who lost their lives on March 25, 1999 to the tragic van crash in Janesville Wisconsin - May God bless them and watch over them throughout eternity.

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My 18 year old daughter Malinda.
This picture was taken just days before the accident.
I love you dearly and think of you every day of my life.
Your Dad

Malinda Lillian Turvey - Age 18 - Born July 6, 1980 - Forever Young March 25, 1999

Malinda loved music and her friends. She would do anything to help or comfort a friend in need. She also loved her little brother Dustin and her big brother Shawn. Dustin and Shawn miss you very much Malinda. I miss you very much too.

Marshall Gilbert Lee Roberts - Age 16 - Born February 9, 1983 - Forever Young March 25, 1999

Peter Christman- Age 18 - Born September 15, 1980 - Forever Young March 26, 1999
Crystal Faith McDaniel - Age 25 - Born December 15, 1973 - Forever Young March 25, 1999
Amber Marie Lettman
Our Smiling Angel
Born April 21, 1982
Entered Into Eternal Life
March 25, 1999

Cory Hanson - Age 22 - Born December 1, 1976 - Forever Young March 25, 1999
Joseph Wild - Age 21 - Born August 24, 1977 - Forever Young March 25, 1999
Janesville, Wisconsin Memorial
March 25, 2001